Things happened.

Today is Nov 25. 25 is 5 times 5, so have five paragraphs.

“Where else could I have gone?” The question was rhetorical, once she had thought of it, all other options had been driven from her mind.

“There are places other than the Legion,” he said.

She cut him off. “None where I could be free and make a name for myself.”

“A name not your own.”

“If that’s what it takes.”


The Internet is a fickle mistress

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Today is Nov 11 2015, so have 11 + 11 + 20 + 15 = 57 words from the war novel.

Something was wrong.

The arrow hit her, its barbed head punching right through the chainmail of her armour; driving her backwards with the force of the blow against her hip. She fell. She could feel the blood pooling out on the hungry ground, beneath her armour, inside her.

Far above, the sky was cloudless and darkening blue.

All new all different all awkward

Looks like WordPress changed the user interface. It took me ages to find the coments on my posts and I still haven’t found how to access the comments I made in other places :(.

My goal for the week was to finish the outline, which I did! Nominally, at least. I got side-tracked by two different things, but I’ve started kicking at it to make it actual work. Some time ago, I cut out one of the plotlines I’d been proudest off because it didn’t fit. It broke my heart at the time. It’s breaking my heart now to find all the parts of that plotline that are woven into the early parts of this outline that I wrote before I decided to cut that plot line, but *sigh* *snip* *snip*.

Over the next week, I want to have this outline more or less fixed so I can start working on the actual text for NaNoWriMo.

I accidentally some words

It feels like this week is a week where I got writing done by accident.

I sit down to add a link to worldbuilding notes for a novel and I end up writing almost 1k of worldbuilding. I set off to tell a friend a childhood anecdote and boom, a short story comes out.

I like it, don’t get me wrong. It’s just… odd.

My current project is finishing outlining the war novel and there are about 3 more scenes to go. Then I get to try and make my outline make sense. More easily said than done.

That’s my goal for the upcoming week: finish the outline and make it something at least half-way to looking like someone else will want to read it.

Sometimes, I worry that no one will read my books, because there are so many queer people in there. Because my PoV characters are queer and so are most of their friends. Then I look at my life. I’m queer. Of all my friends, one is straight, one is mostly-straight and the rest are also queer. It’s far more realistic for queer characters to have queer friends than not and yet… (And no, before you ask, we aren’t friends because we’re queer. We’re friends because we have similar taste in books/movies/etc. We’re friends because we’ve been friends for years.)

Oh, look, I did it again. I was going to post an update and now I miss my friends.

An snippet and an update

Is it still Wednesday, somewhere in the world? I could look it up, but I like the idea of not knowing — it’s almost tomorrow here, but it could still be yesterday somewhere.

For my snippet, one sentence for my first snippet in far too long:

The shadow of branches dappled his forehead like a crown of leaves.

But then, life

I always set out with good intentions, but then life interferes. I didn’t expect to be gone from this blog for eight months.

My goal for this round of ROW80 is to write 100k words. It’s less than I need to reach my annual 500k goal, but that’s just because I like round number. I suppose I should be aiming for 115k which is slightly over what I need, but much less round. Hm. We’ll see.

The other goal is to finish the war novel re-outline. Ideally, finish the second draft of that, too. (I finished the desert novel, by the way.)

I live! Unlike the internet

I’ve suffered Catastrophic Internet Failure these past few weeks. This has not led to as much writing as it could have, but it has led to a fair amount. Internet is still very touch-and-go, by the way.

My writing goal for 2015 is to write 500k words, since I managed as much in 2014.

I’m hoping to get the re-outline of the war novel finished by the Ides of March, which is both a do-able dealine and would make me laugh, due to the thematic link of sorts. I’m giving myself the far out deadline of the June solstice to finish the desert novel first draft, which is far out enough that I shouldn’t have any problems reaching it. Longer term goals are to punch the re-outline into something I like, then write the second draft that will be outlined by it. Edit the desert novel. Finish outlining and write capes novel. Good stuff.

See you next year

At this point there’s very little doubt that I won’t be present here until 2015, for various reasons. I’ll try to answer the comments I haven’t answered before then, but please know already that I’m grateful for them.

My year in writing was amazing, over all, except for the end, there.

I Aten’t Dead

At this point, it feels like a victory. The last two weeks were… not very good, shall we say and leave it at that. For the same reason, I’m forgoing looking at my goals. I failed all of them, anyway.

Three sentences, for Wednesday 3.

Az woke up curled in on himself, an empty spot between his arms where he would have held his favourite toy as a child. It’d been such a long, long time since he’d last held the toy, soft cloth gone grey and threadbare with age, and even longer still since he’d been a child, but his body remembered the shape of it and the comfort it would give him.

He curled in tighter, trying to fill the void in the circle of his body, but it stubbornly refused to be filled.

Quick! While it’s still Wednesday!

It’s about to not be Wednesday anymore and given the state of my Internet, it’s likely to no longer be by the time this posts, but I broke 50k for the month today and 100k on SaF on Monday, so I don’t care! Very happy about this.

Not art was made. No books were read. 😦

I’m working on Chapter 27 of SaF, so have 27 words from said chapter. (Different she from last week, btw.)

She touched the scar on her shoulder, the one that was jagged and ragged like shards of glass, and said, “This is the first thing I remember.”